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Integrating movement and body in Supervision

“Dance/movement therapy’s basic premise is that ‘body movement reflects inner emotional states and that changes in movement behavior can lead to changes in the psyche, thus promoting health and growth’” Fran Levy in Dance/Movement Therapy: A Healing Art.1988

Anyone who has taken Dance Movement Therapy (DMT) workshops or who is practitioner or counsellor can take part in these supervision workshops

Dates: 16th & 17th March 2021

Time: 5pm – 8 pm

Course Fee: Rs. 4,237 + GST (763)

Online platform – Zoom

In this 2-part workshop we will invite you;

  • To move, reflect, notice, wonder and share about your work and the therapeutic relationship 
  • To revise Dance/movement therapy ‘s theoretical underpinnings through short experiential practices bridging somatic psychology, trauma informed care and the role of the body in therapeutic work 
  • Share different movement inspired tools and techniques for supervision to develop a reflective practice which can also be introduced in clinical work
  • Bring and share cases about client work and best practices; learning from each other
  • Introduce a few movement-based practices for counselling and therapeutic work 
  • Introduce a resilience informed approach
  • Adapt to participants and needs
  • Offer resources and references to consult for additional support
  • To share experiences and tips for self-care 


Katia Verreault (Amsterdam) – Group facilitator, dance movement therapist, dance instructor
and Founder of A Moving World-We dance
Katia is dance movement therapist, Special Needs teacher trainer, group facilitator and dance
instructor with extensive work experience in multi-cultural environments and community
settings in the field of specialized education, trans-cultural psychiatry, trauma, resilience-
building and dance movement therapy. Katia’s communication skills and participatory
approach enables me to adapt to various clienteles and their needs.

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