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Storytelling Therapy Course from March to May 2021

East West Center for Counselling and Training, and World Storytelling Institute
An 11-session Course on “Storytelling Therapy” (via Videoconference)

Storytelling Therapy — along with Drama Therapy, Music Therapy, Visual Art Therapy, etc — is an Expressive Therapy. Storytelling Therapy involves working with stories that relate to clients’ experiences.  Participants in the 11-session Course would learn about, and would receive training in, a method of Storytelling Therapy. This method could be used for Psychological Counselling, as well as for Facilitating Healing and Personality Development; Life Coaching; and Training in Life Skills, Soft Skills, and Communication Skills.

11 weekly sessions: Wednesdays, 7pm – 9pm India Standard Time
Date: From 3rd March to 12th May 2021
Course fee: 12,000 INR / 400 USD

Facilitator: Dr Eric Miller,
Director, World Storytelling Institute,
Assistant Director, East West Center for Counselling and Training

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Contact for further details:
98403 94282

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