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East West Center for Counselling

East-West Center for Counselling and Training is based in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. We are a counselling center and a counselling / therapy – training center. We registered under the Company Act 1956 (No.1 of 1956) in 2007. The Director is Magdalene Jeyarathnam. She has completed 25 years of counselling experience and has been training and supervising counsellors for almost 25 years. She and her team of counsellors practice high standards of ethics and are culturally sensitive. 


Our Vision

It is our vision to be of significant value to the community, providing emotional resources of the highest quality to enhance individuals’ progress toward the fulfilment of their personal development. We strive to expand our roles as helping professionals by being proactive and responsive to the changing needs of the growing and diversifying population by continuing to develop our counselling services and training programs which meet standards of excellence in our profession.

Our Mission

To provide culturally sensitive counselling / therapy services to all seeking emotional support.


Our Objectives:

  • To establish and support through teaching; training those individuals & organizations who are implementing counselling services
  • To spread knowledge and education on counselling and on issues related to health (physical & emotional) training
  • To build capacity by providing counselling services in organisations such as companies/ business establishments, hospitals and schools / colleges.
  • To facilitate the social, emotional and moral well being for persons suffering from any emotional trauma – death, loss of property, change in relationship status or any natural calamity/disaster.