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Magdalene Jeyarathnam

Magdalene Jeyarathnam

Magdalene Jeyarathnam, is the Founder and Director of East West Center for Counselling and Training (P) Ltd., Chennai, India.

Magdalene Jeyarathnam, has worked almost 25 years as a Counsellor, Counselling Supervisor, Expressive Arts therapist and is a board certified Psychodramatist. She is a board member of the International association of Group Psychotherapy and Group process. She has worked as consultant to several governments as WHO and UNICEF consultant. She is a faculty in Indian Institute of Psychodrama which she founded in 2013 after working in bringing world class psychodrama trainers since 2009. She is also the Director of East West Center for Counselling and Training which is an Expressive Arts therapy Center based in Chennai, India.

dr jorge burmeister

Dr. Jorge Burmeister

Dr. Jorge Burmeister, Psychotherapist and Psychiatrist, of Spain and Switzerland. Jorge is trained in Psychodrama, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Analytical-Pair Therapy, Family Therapy, Guided Day-Dream Technique, and Jungian Analysis. He is the founding member, FEPTO (Federation of European Psychodrama Training Organisations, www.fepto.com ).He is the Immediate Past President of the International Association for Group Psychotherapy and Group Processes.He is dean, International Summer Academy for Trans-cultural Group Work (Granada, Spain).

Professor Maurizio Gasseau

Maurizio Gasseau, University professor in Aosta – Italy. Co-chair of IAGP Education Committee, and FEPTO Task Force for Peace Building and Conflict Transformation. Director of IPAP – Institute of Analytical Psychology and Psychodrama, Main interests are dreams and working on trangenerational topics. He developed the Jungian Psychodrama theory in 1980 and Psychodramatic SDM in 2004. He is leaded training groups in 46 countries. FEPTO Excellence Award in 2017.

Dr Peter C Howie

Peter is a past President of ANZPA (www.anzpa.org), also Director of Training at Brisbane Campus of Psychodrama Australia and a regular contributor to several professional journals.Since commencing his training in psychodrama and group work in 1985 in Sydney, Peter has continued designing and running group programs from 1992.

Peter is extending and building on a strong professional methodology that was developed in the early 20th century Dr J.L. Moreno and has been taught and practised extensively since then throughout the world. These methods are professional, researched, practical and learnable which is why Peter continues to use them, teach them and learn about them. For the past sixteen years he has specialised in leadership development, adult learning processes and learning interventions. Peter is qualified as a Psychodrama Trainer Educator and Practitioner through the Australian and New Zealand Psychodrama Association Inc. (ANZPA).

Anath Garber

Anath Garber, trained by J.L Moreno and Zerka T. Moreno, was on the faculty of the Moreno Institute in New York City,has conducted and workshops nationally and internationally, and has been in private practice in New York City since 1975. She introduced psychodrama to the treament of stuttering, alcoholsim, andweight control through mind control, as well as spiritual growth.For 20 years she conducted groups combining psychoanalytic treatment with psychodrama.Currently most of her psychodrama sessions are conducted over the phone, a necessary adaptation to clientele in different parts of USA and the globe . She blends those with ‘focusing’ and” mindfulness” . She’s been quoted in various magazines :’Essence’ and ‘Body and Mind’ and “Mode.” Her work was featured on Oprah’s OWN network. On Executive council of ASGPP, Fellow 1975

Eva Fahlström Borg

Eva Fahlström Borg is a senior licensed Swedish psychotherapist, supervisor and trainer of psychotherapy. She is also a teacher and trainer of psychodrama, Sociodrama, bibliodrama, playback theatre and theater without manuscript.She is a trained Lacanian psychotherapist but works more ecclectic. She trains Restorative Justice and Social Transformations. Eva Fahlstrom Borg has been working with groups for more than 50 years, She is presently Board Member of IAGP and is the Chair of Trauma and Disaster Intervention Team.She has been awarded “Life Time Achievement” by FEPTO (Federation of European Psychodrama Training Organisations), Her motto: Don’t ask for permission to change the world”!


Manuela Maciel

Manuela Maciel (Portugal) is a Clinical and Social Psychologist, and Psychodrama Director for 32 years. She is experienced individual, group and educational therapist. She was the Chairperson of the Psychodrama Section of the IAGP -International Association of Group Psychotherapy and Group Processes (2003-2009). Member of the board, supervisor and teacher in the Portuguese Psychodrama Society (SPP). Manuela was trained in Psychogenealogy by Anne Schützenberger and has additional training in cognitive-behavioral therapy and EMDR. She was Founder and Consultant of International Sociodrama Conference (2007-2020) and Founder of International Transgenerational Conference (2007).. She wrote and edited books and articles in Psychodrama, Sociodrama and Transgenerational Therapy.

Dr. Daniela Simmons

Dr. Daniela Simmons’ professional experience, both in Europe and the US, is in educational, research, and consultancy work in the social sciences and mental health. Her background includes training and certification at the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations in London. She is the President of the American Society of Group Psychotherapy and Psychodrama (ASGPP); and an executive editor of the American Journal in Psychodrama, Sociometry and Group Psychotherapy. Daniela Simmons offers experiential, didactic and online training modules on action methods (Psychodrama, Sociodrama, Sociometry, Theatre of the Oppressed, Playback Theatre, etc.) in Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, TX; other states and internationally.