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Action to insight -Workshops between May 17- 26

“Action is the foundational key to all success.” – Pablo Picasso

“Action to Insight: The Dynamic Process of Psychodrama” could be the recognition of the transformative power of active participation in personal growth. Participants may learn that insight and understanding often emerge most vividly through experiential engagement, such as role-playing and spontaneous enactment. Additionally, they may gain an appreciation for the cathartic potential of psychodrama in releasing pent-up emotions and facilitating self-awareness. Ultimately, attendees will leave the workshop with a deeper understanding of how actions can catalyze insight and foster dynamic personal development within the framework of psychodrama.

Faculty: Indian Institute of Psychodrama is honoured to invite Dr.Peter Howie once again to India. Peter is a past President of The Australian and Aotearoa New Zealand Psychodrama Association (AANZPA). AANZPA was established 1980 with Ordinary and Distinguished members who are Certificated Psychodramatists, Sociodramatists, Sociometrists or Role-Trainers who practice in Australia, New Zealand, Japan, UK and Europe. AANZPA certifies Psychodramatists, Sociodramatists, Sociometrists in Australia and New Zealand. Peter is also Director of Training at Brisbane Campus of Psychodrama Australia and a regular contributor to several professional journals.Since commencing his training in psychodrama and group work in 1985 in Sydney, Peter has continued designing and running group programs from 1992.

Magdalene Jeyarathnam is the first psychodramatists to be trained in India. She uses psychodrama to work with individuals, couples and groups. Magdalene is the founder of Indian Institute of Psychodrama which is the first psychodrama training institute in India. She uses psychodrama to work with several marginalised communities like sexworkers, children infected and affected by HIV, people living with HIV, LGBTQI+ community to promote positive mental health, She is completing 30 years as a Group Psychotherapist. She has recently been awarded Neil Passariello memorial award for her work in Psychodrama by the American Society of Group Psychotherapy and Psychodrama (ASGPP).She is currently completing doctoral study in treating mental health through Psychodrama and other creative arts.

Dates : Workshop One : May 17, 18, 19 ( Friday, Saturday, Sunday )

Workshop Two : May 24, 25, 26 (Friday, Saturday, Sunday)

Fee details

No.of.Days From May 11th
1 Workshop (3 Days)Rs,10500/-
Both workshops (6 Days)Rs,20000/-
For All 10 Days Rs,35000/-
All Indian Institute of Psychodrama students get a 15% Discount


Who can apply?

  • Only first-time Psychodrama participants.
  • Anyone over 23 years.

How to apply?

  • Send us your CV.
  • Write in 100 words how this scholarship will help you.
  • List, related to workshops attended.

Your Takeaway from the Workshop: “Action to Insight”

  1. Clarity through action: By actively participating in role-playing and enacting scenarios, participants gain clarity about their thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. They often discover hidden aspects of themselves and their relationships through the process of action-oriented exploration.
  2. Emotional release and catharsis: Many participants experience catharsis as they engage in psychodrama, allowing them to express and release pent-up emotions in a safe and supportive environment. This cathartic process often leads to a sense of relief and emotional healing.
  3. Understanding interpersonal dynamics: Through role-playing different roles and perspectives, participants gain insights into the complexities of interpersonal relationships. They develop a deeper understanding of how their actions impact others and vice versa, fostering empathy and communication skills.
  4. Discovery of new possibilities: Psychodrama encourages participants to explore alternative ways of thinking and behaving by enacting different scenarios. This process often leads to the discovery of new possibilities and solutions to personal challenges, promoting growth and resilience.
  5. Integration into daily life: Participants learn to integrate the insights gained from psychodrama into their daily lives, applying newfound awareness and understanding to real-world situations. This integration process facilitates ongoing personal development and transformation beyond the workshop setting.

Overall, engaging in psychodrama on the topic of “Action to Insight” provides participants with a rich and dynamic platform for self-exploration, emotional expression, and personal growth.

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