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Exploring Transference through Art – An Art therapy workshop for Counsellors and Therapists , Chennai

 Exploring the Erotic-Self through Group Experience

Working (better) with Erotic Transference and  Counter-transference

 Marcia Honig, PhD.  Israel


Erotic Self – The personal basis of intimacy, attraction, love and sexual desire; Eros: God of Love.

As Therapists, we are aware about the importance of the right use of Transference and Counter-Transference in deepening the therapeutic process.

However, working and expressing erotic feelings, within transference, in the therapeutic room, seems to be very complexed and difficult for most of us; the open and deep therapeutic use of erotic transference involves emotional risk taking: connecting to past traumas and wounds, becoming aware of unconscious social taboos, etc. .

On the other hand, working appropriately with the erotic transference, creates the basis for a special emotional intimacy in a therapeutic relationship and can deepen trust and the therapeutic process.

For us, Therapists, the basic activity in the analytic process involves revisiting areas of emotional vulnerability along with the challenge to return to a state of narcissistic equilibrium in order to put that state aside.

Exploring and understanding our erotic self, including wounded zones, can enlarge our views regarding the meaning of the erotic transference and counter- transference. Furthermore, it allows to encompass the patient’s positive developmental strivings for connection and intimacy.

At the workshop ,through the use of experimental means (poetry, drama, games, directive imagination…), theory and sharing, we will try to explore and understand more about our erotic-selves in terms of group transference and counter transference.

During the session, we will discover what creative places open up with more awareness of the suppressed erotic-self within us, and how it contributes to:

  • build trust in relationships;
  • explore taboos and the coercion of repetition;
  • hopefully, Explore the movement of one’s role within the group (and the reciprocal relations within it).

“Connecting to my inner world fantasy created an opportunity to tolerate and listen to another’s inner fantasy , which untill then, had been unavailable to me” – Rosiello

Date: 7th April 2018
Timing: 9.30am to 4pm

Course fee: Rs. 2950 (incl. GST) Students pay Rs 1000 and for group registrations(10 participants) please contact us.
Place: Chennai

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Dr.Marcia Honig. PhD. is a Psychotherapist ( Individuals and Groups), Art Therapist and Integrative Counsellor. Coordinator of the Psychotherapy Unit at MELEL Center ( under the auspices of the Tel-Aviv Municipality); founder and director of “Even Derech”- a private clinic for Group and Individual Psychotherapy in Tel-Aviv.

Marcia worked 14 years at the Psychiatry Unit for Children and Families at Ichilov Hospital, where she developed and managed the Group Therapy Care. She has been conducting Workshops, therapeutic groups and courses, combining Analytic Approach and Arts, for more than 10 years in more than 10 different countries.

Marcia is Brazilian and Israeli, lives in Tel-Aviv,and she is a mother of 3.

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