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Finding Your Room Of Requirement 

Let’s find our room of requirement and take what we need in the “here and now”

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Find Your Room Of Requirement

The Room of Requirement is said to be on the 7th floor of the Hogwarts castle. It appears only when someone is in great need of it. It contains what that individual needs at that time. 

Here is an opportunity to find our very own room of requirement and take what we need in the “here and now”.

Psychodrama is a sort of experiential, action-based therapy in which participants act out past experiences to examine current concerns. Role-playing, dramatic self-presentation, and group dynamics are all elements, which aims to give participants a deeper comprehension of themselves and their experiences. It uses a group setting yet operates as individual therapy. It has psychological roots, but it also integrates theatre and sociological ideas.

Psychodrama may aid in examining difficult emotions, comprehending another’s viewpoint, and also healing from trauma. The practice of psychodrama allows participants to create a world for themselves, free of usual rules and constraints. This freedom from all ordinary conventions is what Moreno called ‘Surplus Reality’, and is one of the most vital, curative and mysterious elements of psychodrama. 

‘Surplus Reality’ refers to psychodramatic situation in which a person carries out something that exist in their imagination and subjective reality. It allows the embodiment of the invisible and intangible aspects of life, that have not yet been fully experienced or expressed. In surplus reality, one re-lives old conflicts and develop experiences that leads to healing. 

The magic lies in the use of play and imagination in this endeavor. As we experience our creative talents, we develop new ways of being, increase our capacity to love and accept ourselves, expand our capacity to give and receive love, and increase our zest for life (Ali Watersong, 2011).

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Watersong, A. (2011). Surplus reality: The magic ingredient in psychodrama. Australian and Aotearoa New Zealand Psychodrama Association Journal, (20), 18-28. 



This 3 day workshop in Mumbai is focused on magic ingredient of psychodrama to understand themselves and to practice new skills.

Cost: Rs. 8,000 + basic food expenses + accommodation if it needed

Time: 10:00 am to 05:00 pm

Venue: Bandra West, Mumbai

Bank details: IDFC first bank
Account Name: Indian Institute of Psychodrama Pvt Ltd
Account Number: 10061492156
Account Type: Current account
Bank Name: IDFC Bank
IFSC Code: IDFB0080122

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