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Group therapy session for Adults dealing with depression and anxiety

There is no human deed or thought that lies fully outside the experience of other people.” ― Irvin D. Yalom

We work with people dealing with issues relating to fear, trauma, abuse, anxiety, depression etc. to help them help themselves out of adverse situation of life. Training them to cope and manage stressful life events, facilitating processing and closure. The group therapy sessions are run by professional & trained counsellors who use Expressive Arts & Psychodrama. Due to social stigma and discrimination, individuals who come from a community of diverse sexual and gender identities face more vulnerabilities in our society. Correcting our law is the first step towards safety and inclusion. We also work for members of the community facing issues with relationships, coming out, discrimination (internal and external), depression, break ups, etc. and dealing the level of anxiety with relation to the issues faced.

EVERY SATURDAY 11 am – 1 pm


For further information kindly contact us on 9884700104/ 106/135

Email: info@centerforcounselling.org

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