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Music Therapy Workshop in Chennai – July 15-19

Join us for an immersive Music Therapy Workshop in Chennai from July 15 to 19, designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of music therapy and its applications. Over the span of five days, participants will explore the theory, practice, and intermodality of music therapy in an expressive arts context.

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Location: Chennai
Dates: July 15 to 19, 2024

Overview of the 5 days Workshop:

  • Understanding Music Therapy: Learn to define music therapy and distinguish it from music performance and education. Discover the foundational elements of music and practical techniques for using your voice in therapeutic settings.
  • Biology of Music: Gain insights into how music is processed in the brain and its effects on the body and mind. Explore the implications of music processing for both neurodivergent and neurotypical populations.
  • Music Therapy in Practice: Identify the populations that benefit from music therapy, including those with cognitive, sensory, physical, social, behavioral, and emotional challenges. Learn to apply the 10-step Data Assessment Model in music therapy practice.
  • Clinical Improvisation: Delve into the practical aspects of clinical improvisation, including the use of various instruments and unconventional instrumentation. Participate in experiential sessions to develop techniques of empathy, intimacy, and grounding through music.
  • Intermodal Expressive Arts: Explore the intersection of music with other art forms such as movement, drama, and visual arts. Engage in practical sessions that culminate in creating and presenting a music-based performative piece as a class.

Through a combination of theoretical learning and hands-on experiential sessions, this workshop aims to equip participants with the skills to effectively integrate music therapy into their practice. Whether you are a student, a therapist, or a professional in the field, this workshop offers valuable insights and practical experience in the transformative power of music therapy.

FEE Details:

Early bird until July 5Rs. 15,499/-
From July 6Rs. 17,999/-

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Join us in this enriching journey to harness the healing power of music.

Click here to register https://forms.gle/Ni6eyU5FBvTfoAMV8

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