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Psychodrama workshops in October, 2019- Peter Howie (Australia)


Dates: 5th and 6th, October 2019

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This workshop will introduce and use sociometry and role training for organisational communication and to facilitate individual development and change. Participants will learn practical ways to apply action methods in order to work with their organisations, their clients, and themselves in the complex world of organisational settings.

Role training is a psychodramatic action method that applies creative and artistic processes to assist individuals to develop specific functioning that might be required for work, family, or community life. The process uses the wisdom of the group and utilises the breadth of the psychodrama method to investigate, assess, and design appropriate changes for individuals in specific contexts. Such contexts could be work, or family, or community life. Role training aims to develop interpersonal effectiveness through a specific focus on the development of one aspect of a person’s role or role system, or one defined aspect of their personality. Role training lends itself particularly to brief interventions.

Sociometry, used as an action method, is a process of making sense of relationships in team and individual settings. It leads to the conscious development of groups in workshops or communities, through making the unseen seen, reducing ambiguity and hidden agendas, and strengthening commonalities amongst individuals. Value is given to the investigation and assessment of visible and invisible links, the strength and weakness of these links, and the personal and cultural factors associated with attraction, neutrality and rejection in relationships. The aim of sociometry is to bring about a greater degree of mutuality between people, furthering group objectives for collaboration.

The training is based on experiential learning principles that emphasise both the personal and professional development of participants. This approach to learning aims to integrate conceptual and analytical functions in a context where each individual is actively experiencing the emotional and sensory impact associated with participation and involvement in a situation.

This workshop is suitable for  organisational trainers, social workers, psychologists, organisational consultants, Human Resource managers and specialists, teachers, School Principals, and other professional managers who need to learn new and powerful ways to facilitate organisational, team, and individual progress. Participants will be encouraged to work with their own and others real problems in their work settings.

Participants will be expected to bring forward their own real dilemmas and to work with others as they bring forward their own dilemmas and to work collaboratively them.


Dates: 9th,10th and 11th, October 2019

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This workshop will introduce and work with a variety of action methods to examine complex organisational and community settings. Through the use of sociometry and sociodrama, participants will discover the potency of using action methods to understand the system they are working with along with their own responses and strengths to deal with it. A variety of psychodramatic processes will be worked with in order to demonstrate the potency of action methods for organisational and individual change.

Action methods including processes such as sociometry, sociodrama, role training, concretisation, group work, spontaneity training, empathic development or doubling, and the development of a systems view will be demonstrated and worked with during this workshop.

Participants will be invited to bring their real-world problems from their work and use action methods in collaboration with the group to investigate these. Participants will have the opportunity to learn practical solutions to their individual dilemmas as well as learn ways of working in group settings with others. Apart from specific outcomes related to their own situation, participants will learn a range of practical skills for applications in other settings.

This workshop is suitable to those wanting to know about and work with action methods in a concrete manner in work situations. Participants will be encouraged to work with their own and others real problems in their work settings.


Dates: 12th and 13th, October 2019

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This workshop is designed for trainees to reflect on their learning, undertake role development if required, practice directing or group leadership, and plan next steps in their development as trainee Psychodramatists.

This workshop is suitable for those who are trained / trainees in Psychodrama. This workshop is likely to be more psychodrama and role training related as participants investigate their future using the method as well as barriers to development.

Successes will be highlighted, and celebrations will be forthcoming. Participants’ written reflections will be used to highlight learning and methods of enhancing & embedding learning.


Dr Peter C Howie

Peter is a past President of ANZPA (www.anzpa.org), also Director of Training at Brisbane Campus of Psychodrama Australia and a regular contributor to several professional journals.

Since commencing his training in psychodrama and group work in 1985 in Sydney, Peter has continued designing and running group programs from 1992.

Peter has designed and delivered a wide range of experiential development and targeted training programs. Working extensively with community and public sector organisation’s, Peter runs experiential development, professional supervision, training programs and groups.

Peter is extending and building on a strong professional methodology that was developed in the early 20th century Dr J.L. Moreno and has been taught and practised extensively since then throughout the world. These methods are professional, researched, practical and learnable which is why Peter continues to use them, teach them and learn about them.

Peter is scientist trained; has been a Director of a number of businesses including construction, property development, organisational consulting and adult development and training. For the past sixteen years he has specialised in leadership development, adult learning processes and learning interventions. Learning is his thing. Peter is qualified as a Psychodrama Trainer Educator and Practitioner through the Australian and New Zealand Psychodrama Association Inc. (ANZPA), has a BSc (1976) and a Diploma of Computing, a Master of Education, and a Doctor of Philosophy from Griffith University.




Contact No: 9884700104 / 9884700135.
Email : training@centerforcounselling.org

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