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Your Voice Is An Instrument With A Personality.

Come join us to experience  vocal strength and power , to create more interest in your voice by changing the pace or the speed with which you speak, a pause to emphasise the importance of the last words spoken. Also bring more expression into your speaking voice by altering the pitch. Take your voice up higher for light, sweet moments and bring it down into a deep crescendo for the serious or important statements.

A course of 3 sessions will be offered to those interested

Dates: November 4th, 11th and 18th (Mondays), 2019.

Timing: 11 AM – 1.30 PM

Fee : Rs.2250

Venue: 7, Muchachi Mansion (3rd floor),
Kasthuri Estate 3rd street,
Chennai – 600086.

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For more Contact

Email: storytelling7@gmail.com / info@centerforcounselling.org
Phone: 044- 42080810/ 9840394282

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