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Where words are not enough

Welcome to “Where Words Are Not Enough” – an immersive journey into the transformative realm of intermodal therapy through creative arts. Hosted in the heart of Cairo, this workshop offers a unique opportunity to explore the healing power of expressive arts in a supportive and enriching environment.

In a world where language often falls short, the expressive arts serve as a universal language of the soul. “Where Words Are Not Enough” invites participants to embark on a journey of self-discovery, facilitated by Magdalene Jeyarathnam (Expressive Arts therapist, Psychodrama Trainer and Supervisor).

Magdalene Jeyarathnam is the first psychodramatist to be trained in India. She use psychodrama to work with individuals, couples and groups. Magdalene is the founder of Indian Institute of Psychodrama which is the first psychodrama training institute in India. She uses psychodrama to work with several marginalised communities like sexworkers, children infected and affected by HIV, people living with HIV, LGBTQI+ community to promote positive mental health, She is completing 30 years as a Group Psychotherapist. She has recently been awarded Neil Passariello memorial award for her work in Psychodrama by the American Society of Group Psychotherapy and Psychodrama (ASGPP).She is currently completing doctoral study in treating mental health through Psychodrama and other creative arts.

Through an innovative intermodal approach, this workshop integrates various artistic modalities to unlock the depths of the human experience. Participants will engage in a series of guided exercises and explorations designed to access their inner wisdom, promote healing, and foster personal growth.

Hosted by Rakhawy Institute of Training and Research

The Rakhawy Institute of Training and Research is a well-known mental health institution located in Cairo, Egypt. It is recognised for its contributions to the field of psychology and mental health in the region.

Founding and Mission: The Institute was founded by Dr. Mohamed Rakhawy, a prominent psychiatrist, in 1972. The institute’s mission is to provide comprehensive mental health services, including training, research, and clinical treatment, to individuals and communities in Egypt and the Middle East.

Rakhawy Institute is committed to raising awareness about mental health issues and reducing the stigma associated with seeking help for psychological problems. They engage in various community outreach activities, such as organising mental health awareness campaigns, providing educational resources to schools and community centres, and offering free or low-cost mental health services to underserved populations.

This is a closed workshop.

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